Ein Jukebox-Label. Beschriftung: Record load switch: on, off.

  • Doctor Volt

    Pure Rock & Sleazy Roll

  • The Cult

    Lil' Devil

  • Lenny Kravitz

    Always on the Run

  • ZZ Top

    Jesus just left Chicago

  • Otis Redding

    Hard to Handle

  • Aerosmith

    Sweet Emotions

  • Krokus

    Heat Strokes

  • Billy Idol

    White Wedding

  • Golden Earring

    Radar Love

  • Jet

    Cold Hard Bitch

  • Johnny Cash

    Folsom Prison Blues

  • Georgia Satellites

    Keep Your Hands To Yourself

  • Chuck Berry

    Johnny be Good

  • Airbourne

    Running Wild

  • AC/DC

    Sin City

  • ZZ Top

    Sharp Dressed Man

  • Deep Purple


  • Led Zeppelin

    Whole Lotta Love

  • Black Sabbath


  • Motörhead

    Ace of Spades

  • Billy Idol

    Rebel Yell

  • Rolling Stones

    It's only Rock'n'Roll

  • AC/DC

    Touch too much

  • Guns n Roses

    Paradise City

  • Foo Fighters


  • Doctor Volt

    Pure Rock & Sleazy Roll

Recorded by Gögs Andrighetto - Preneur de son

Hush Sample (Joe South / Dan Baird)

Radar Love Sample (Golden Earring)

Running Wild Sample (Airbourne)

Sharp dressed man Sample (ZZ Top)

White wedding Sample (Billy Idol)